Alcohol De addiction Centre in Ludhiana

Alcohol De addiction CentreAlcohol De addiction Centre in Ludhiana: With a goal to eradicate the spiraling problem of drug and alcohol, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma founded Life Line Foundation Rehabilitation center in 2000. Our center promises a safe, comfortable and secure treatment experience at a very reasonable price. So, We work for the betterment of human being. Our center evidence high level of comfort than many other centers with amenities and extra conveniences.

We are providing services in all over punjab and regarded as the best de addiction center in Ludhiana, Khanna, Gobindgarh, Moga, Fazilka. Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala gives the patient a perfect environment to heal from addiction. Because It is located in the area where there is peaceful environment. Moreover, It is away from the hustle bustle of the city. This kind of environment is important because the addict needs peace and comfort while going through the treatment.

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Our Treatment Method

Life Line Foundation have the best therapies to make your transformation journey easy. Due to this we regarded as Best Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala. Addiction recovery programs vary from person to person depending on their specific needs. Firstly, proper consultation from our experience specialist is the best way to figure out the requirements of the individuals. At last after the assessment treatment methods can altered to address those necessities.

Our Treatment Methodology

We have 12 Step Program to treat our patients. Moreover we do lots of therapies along with Medication, Meditation and Yoga and other stress reducing therapies on a daily basis in our Alcohol De addiction Centre in Ludhiana. In addition Our Diet includes including a lots of fruit and green vegetables that will make a balanced diet.

Due to our best amenities and treatment method we are considered Best De addiction Centre in Ludhiana. Moreover, We have been serving the patients from overall India. Therefore, We are well known De-addiction Centre in Moga, De-addiction centre in Jagroan and De-addiction Centre in Phillaur as well

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